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Thursday, October 14, 2010

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How To Put Subtitle In Movie

hello you 14 October 2010 I teach you
how to download i will teach how
to put subtitle in movie...i learn this in internet
now i teach in my must follow the
instructions to make it work
this is the step to get work.... internet and write what you want
 3.chose the title (years)
 4.Then, select the appropriate subtitle in the movie.
  exmpl: movie=the spy next door dvdrip subtitle=the spy next door (dvdrip)
 5.choose the good
 6.then download
 7.if your pc show the window 'save as' choose the folder...if not, already in download folder
 8 after finish open contain folder rar file and drag the file in movie folder(important!!)
 10.make sure the name of movie and subtitle is same.if not, copypaste the name.
 11.and lastly the sub working!!...
**if you have a question just comment**

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