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Play Flashgame


Calculate your moves to stop the mad virus from infecting everything.

Flaming Zombooka 2

Missile away all the zombies.


The treasure is yours (but only if you can get to it...)

Bowels Physics TD

Eliminate the germs before they'll destroy you.

The Morphing

Calculate your steps to morph the objects to the target.

Legend of JOHNNY

Help Johnny bit and destroy all his enemies.

Epic Combo!

Smash away the turtles! Make combos for extra points.

Moby Dick: The Video Game

Become the great terror of the sea!


Hot peppers make you run fast!

Ghost Hacker

Destroy the enemy viruses and bugs before you'll loose your memory...

Coaster Racer

Proof your driving skills. Speed up and win the race!

Running Ink

Reach your goal before you'll dry up....


This is a battle life or death battle. Only one will be left standing.

Snail Bob

Get Bob home (safely).

Extreme Rally 2

Drive your car as fast as you can in this extreme rally racing game.

Prizma Puzzle 3

Collect all the stars for energy, but calculate your moves or you'll have nowhere to go.

Fury Officer 2

Defeat and avenge all the bad guys!

Blow Things Up!

Blow up the bad guys in this fun and explosive puzzle game.

Jet Velocity 3D

Jet race your way to victory!

Age of Kingdom

Use your resources smartly. Build and defend your kingdom.

Monster ATV

Ready, set, go! Monster Race the best you can, it's not as easy as you can!

All We Need Is Brain

Brain your way to killing the zombie.

Dwarf Toss

Throw the dwarf the furthest away.

Gunfire Echoes

Save the world by destroying all the enemy's soldiers.

Armed with Wings 3

Grab you weapon and your courage to fight and win evil.

Space Saga

Destroy the evil bugs to get to the next levels.

Castle Hero

Choose your weapon and protect your castle.

Rage Arena

Gear up, release your rage and fight for your life!

Mad Trucker 2

Speed up for some great truck madness!

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