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Hello and Asalamualaikum to you all. First of all, I am thankful to god for his consent I can make this blog with perfect.and all my friends give support my idea to create this blog...

HowToDoThat blog is the one book to know some think and this blog will give benefit us. This blog is a place to share ideas and information for use by all.that's all what is information for Howdofadz blog:-
publish at : 6 October 2010
admin name: fad***(not show full name)^_^
admin birthday: 28 July(not show year)
admin e-mail:
blog logo's:

1.get over 1,000 people visited ^_'
2.want over 500 people like this blog
3.want over 70% people happy when look this blog
4.want to SHARE IDEA for you
5.want to make the best blog ever
6.want a new generation to develop the country

So, i hope you like my blog

I tried to give the best.

3 comment:

aqeyLs said...

sure enough u can do that.. advertise ur blog more.. cz i've attracted the first time i saw it:)

fad*** said...


geekz36 said...

great blog dude

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