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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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How To Download Movie FREE....(malay website)

Hi you all im going to teach you all

how to download movie's free...i believe...
you all want to get any thing is free, right?
this here how to download all movie free..
you can donate if you want...i offer you to
donate if you want the website still alive.
this way to do it::- internet.
 2. write at web link one from here any think you want
 4.and click what you want in search result
 5.drag all in one link ..aesy mediafire must download all file....from 001 until last file
 6b.wait to all download finish...
 7.if finish open the folder you put that....and make sure (first) file until (second last) file all  size same
 8a.if the file is 001.. use hj-split
 8b.join 001 file
 and start...
 9.after rar or zip  or any file.
drag.rmvb or avi or any format video
 wait again
 after can delete other file and open movie
 and work!!! hahahahahaha
****if not 001 file get the 7zip ***

this software needed

...ok...if want to ask me comment.

2 comment:

playfulkiss said...

wah..ada link blog sya...like2...hehe..tq ek..=)

fad*** said...

@playfulkiss wer kem

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