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Monday, October 18, 2010

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How To Create Own Banner use GIMP 2.7.1 and blog

Hi!!!today i will teach you all how to create own banner...
this tutorial may be difficult but after finish its work..
this the step to do it- GIMP 2.7.1

2.clickthen new
 3.change your banner size, standard banne 180 60
 4.set background my background
 5.zoom that for easy
 6.start draw
 7.after finish click File then click 'EXPORT'
 8.rename . reformat pic. and change the location your blog to get a banner..upload banner...then click edit HTML
 10.copy the link after"<img border="0" src="" and before "" /></a></div>"
   and link has been "copied" open and click "Design" to add "Gadget" and "HTML/ JavaScript"
12.put your URL at after <p align="center"><a href="and before " target="_blank"><br /><img border="2" src="then paste the link that you have a copy before" /></a></p>
13.and recopy all word...the HTML has been copied
14.and put <textarea cols="22" rows="2" style="margin-top: 2px; margin-bottom: 2px; height: 70px; "> to get the banner box like this
then paste the HTML that you have a copy before </textarea></p></div></div></span>
15.after that click "Rich HTML" to put your text to say some think...after you done
click save
16.then you can see in your blog its work....
that is the step to get own banner.....
:::DOWNLOAD GIMP 2.7.1::

***if you think this tutorial so difficult you can go to***

if you want to ask me about this 
tutorial just coment or e-mail me

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